WISE #120 Wine Club Workshop

Wine club members are the lifeblood of US (and increasingly Australian) winery direct to consumer programs. Sales to this group are the most profitable since there are no distributor costs and marketing costs are small.  Wine club members provide a solid base for both product and sales forecasting.

This one day workshop shows what it takes to launch, run and grow a wine club, and how to sell it at the cellar door. It covers:

  • What is a Wine Club: various club structures
  • Designing the Club: Strategic Fit, which club structure is right for your brand, your winery?
  • Selling Wine Club Features & Benefits
  • Launching the Club: a Wine Club Launch Checklist, brochures/applications and the website
  • Keeping Score: metrics, dashboard, triple score, attrition, retention
  • Wine Club Communications & Planning Calendars
  • Driving Incremental Revenue: including re-order and trade-up strategies
  • Increasing Loyalty and Retention
  • Wine Club Interdependence
  • Training the Tasting Room: hanging with the sale but not acting like a club shark
  • Understanding the Customer: Buyer’s Continuum, Wine Buyer Profiles and Tasting Room Training

WISE #120 Wine Club Workshop
Dates: on demand
Location: dependent on demand
Price: $990 (exc GST) per person, ($50 prompt payment discount for pre-course payment), price for on-site company training available on request
Duration: 8 hours
Prerequisite: no prerequisite at this time

To book, or ask questions, please email full names and positions below; or call Bruce on 021-245-8881.