WISE #120 Wine Club Workshop

Wine club members are the lifeblood of US (and increasingly Australian) winery direct to consumer programs. Sales to this group are the most profitable since there are no distributor costs and marketing costs are small. Wine club members provide a solid base for both product and sales forecasting.

This one day workshop shows what it takes to launch, run and grow a wine club, and how to sell it at the cellar door

WISE #111 Cellar Door Professional

This course focuses on professional cellar door best practices (customer service and effective sales skills), including but not limited to understanding: your customers with “positive profiling”, where they are at on the Buyers’ Continuum and building rapport to help increase cellar door sales success; buying signals, how to up-sell and cross-sell; the WISE “Triple Score” – reset Direct-to-Consumer and Cellar Door priorities to always be selling wine, selling clubs and capturing contact data – all in a brand appropriate manner; Mystery shopping other winery tasting rooms, where the WISE lessons are really driven home.

WISE #205 DTC Metrics Intensive

This two morning crash course is designed for busy wine industry executives who need to better understand the metrics required to manage the various DTC channels (tasting room, wine club, online, phone sales, direct sales, events, etc.). It is impossible to plan and budget for DTC programs going forward, let alone hold your DTC teams accountable, until you FULLY understand what the drivers are of your success and challenges. This course focuses on the DTC dashboards that make this possible.